Derek Goss

Hey, nice to see you!
My name is Derek Goss.

Welcome to my website.

Here is my resume.

I graduated from


Cornell Triathlon Team

2019 USAT Collegiate Club Nationals — Tempe, AZ


snowboarding in Park City

hiking in Perú

optical laser tweezers

Cornell Racing


I love solving problems, and working with technology to bring ideas to life.

I am always learning new things, and have extensive experience with engineering design and research, rapid physical and digital prototyping, CAD, full stack development, mobile applications, and cloud computing.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything!


powertrain engineer
@ Cornell Racing FSAE


Ithaca, NY

Contributes to designing, manufacturing, and racing an electric formula-style race car for official FSAE competitions. Currently working on our second-generation high performance electric powertrain for the 2020-21 season.

exoskeleton design intern
@ Assistive Robotics Lab

Summer 2019

Virginia Tech

Prototyped next-generation wearable exoskeletons for industrial and consumer lifting applications.

project manager and software engineering intern
@ Greene Lab

Summer 2017

University of Pennsylvania

Directed development and launch of Project Cognoma in collaboration with bioinformatics researchers and volunteers from the Philadelphia community.